Sunday, May 23, 2021


 A machine that folds your laundry

Laundry, like washing dishes, is just one of those things that has to be done. It’s time consuming and rather boring but necessary none the less. FoldiMate, a clothing folding machine, is trying to make laundry a little less time consuming and a little more exciting.

Designed to sit next to your washer and dryer, once your clothes come out of the dryer, simply hang them on the FoldiMate and let it do it’s thing.

The process begins with “feeding” the machine your clothes.

Hang shirts and pants using the Easy Clipping technology and watch as the machine eats up your clothes.Once inside the machine, a robot takes over and folds your clothes perfectly every time.

As each item passes through the machine, it can be treated with perfume, softener, and sterilizer – things you didn’t even know you wanted!

Although it isn’t available for pre-order until 2017, at least now you’ll have something else to daydream about while you’re folding that pile of laundry…


Zero-energy Bio Refrigerator cools your food with future gel

The Bio Robot Refrigerator mounts on a wall — Dmitriev points out it can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the ceiling. The fridge does not have a motor or other traditional technology like most refrigerators, — the gel does all the work — so, 90% of the appliance is actual usable space. To use the fridge you basically shove food into it’s biopolymer gel — which has no odor and is not sticky — and it is suspended and cooled until you need it again.
    Dmitriev notes that the cooling agents are the “bio robots” inherent in the gel that use luminescence — light generated in cold temperatures — to preserve food. Although this sounds super techy and fun, Dmitriev doesn’t really explain how it’s going to work, so we’re a little skeptical of the Bio Robot Refrigerator becoming a reality someday.
    Viability aside, the fridge is definitely a huge step forward in terms of rethinking the design of one of our most-used appliances. Probably the best thing about this concept machine is that it uses zero energy for cooling — it just needs energy for it’s little control pad. Compared to the typical modern fridge, which uses about 8% of a household’s energy, this nifty-looking gadget of the future could cut our energy use significantly.


Friday, February 14, 2020



Nokia 9.2 with Snapdragon 865 could be launched in first half of 2020, foldable phone in the works
  • Building on the reports of the Nokia 9 PureView successor’s delayed launch in 2020, a new report claims that the company will launch the Nokia 9.2 in the first half of 2020.
  • HMD Global may not launch a Nokia 9 PureView successor at MWC 2020.
  • Nokia 9.2 could arrive with a bezel-less display and it may sport a 32MP or 48MP selfie shooter.
  • HMD Global is said to be working on a foldable phone.
  • According to a report from Nokia Power User, HMD Global may not launch a Nokia 9 PureView successor at MWC 2020. 
  • While the company is hosting an event at the tech exhibition, it is expected to launch a smartphone powered by Snapdragon 765 chipset. The Nokia 9.2 PureView is tipped to launch around 4 or 5 months later. 
  • Nokia is said to have shelved its plan to launch a flagship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. Instead, it is reportedly focusing on a Nokia 9.2 with the newer Snapdragon 865 chipset. Another report claims that HMD Global

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Credit Card Lightbulb

If you ever find yourself unexpectedly in the dark, you can either light your way with your cell phone or just whip out this cool new Credit Card Lightbulb. This super thin, credit card-sized lightbulb folds flat and fits in your wallet. To use, just push the little bulb vertical and it lights up, while the rest of the card serves as a stand. Handy little gadget and cheap too!

The Best USB Car Charger

For a few bucks, a good USB car charger can charge your phone and other devices faster than the port that came in your car. After testing more than 60 models, we think the best car charger is the dual-port Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger. You can fast-charge phones, tablets, and laptops from its USB-C port, and simultaneously charge a second phone on its USB-A port. No other charger offers as much power for a better price. pick

Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger

Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger

The best car charger

This model can charge phones, tablets, and computers from its USB-C port, plus it has a second port for charging USB-A devices. It adheres to USB-C fast-charging standards and includes a quality cable.
Compared with the familiar USB-A port, the smaller USB-C port can charge most modern phones faster (if you’re using the right cable) and can even charge tablets and laptops. And the Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger provides the best of both worlds. When you’re using a USB-C–to–Lightning cable, the charger’s USB-C port can charge an iPhone about three times faster (at 18 watts) than the USB-A wall charger that comes in the box from Apple; your phone can charge from empty to roughly 50 percent in just half an hour while you’re sitting in traffic, say, or running errands around town. This Nekteck charger’s 45-watt output and included USB-C–to–C cable also support the maximum charge rate on Android phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S10), the 2018 iPad Pro, and even many laptops. And you can use the 12-watt USB-A port at the same time to charge a second phone or other device with any USB cable you already have.
Port one: 45 W USB-C
Port two: 12 W USB-A




By Digit NewsDesk | Published on Feb 12 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the first phone with foldable glass display: All you need to know
After numerous leaks and speculations, Samsung finally announced details of its second foldable phone at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event. As expected, the smartphone features a clamshell folding design, similar to the Motorola Razr. However, instead of a plastic display, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip uses a foldable glass display, which is a first in its category. The “ultra-thin glass” used on the handset is touted to withstand 200,000 folds and is said to be proprietary tech, which has been branded as “Ultra Thin Glass.” There is also a new hideaway hinge that is aimed at addressing the ingress of dust.

Samsung announces Galaxy Z Flip at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event.
The Z Flip is Samsung’s second foldable phone.
It is the first foldable phone with a foldable glass display.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features a 6.7-inch Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED punch-hole display that sports a 2636 x 1080p resolution at 425ppi. There’s also a secondary cover display on the outer lid, which is a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with 300 x 112p resolution. The secondary display will show notifications of missed calls, messages and can also work as a viewfinder to assist in capturing selfies using the rear cameras. The handset sports 8GB RAM and comes with 256GB of internal storage. 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Inspire HR
Packed with all the same capabilities as earlier Fitbit models, the Inspire HR takes things a step further. 
You can track those workouts with additional precision, thanks to features like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate monitoring, heart rate zones, cardio fitness level, sleep stages, real time pace and distance, 15+ goal-based exercise modes and even guided breathing sessions.